2022 at a Glance: Leanbe

It’s the time of the year you’ve all been waiting for, and your patience is about to pay off!

Leanbe team is committed to continually improving and expanding in the upcoming years, making your experience with our product even more satisfying! 

Looking back at 2022, we can’t help but reminisce about all the challenges, ups and downs, and enjoyable moments that got us here. 

To begin with, if you’re new here, let’s quickly recall the idea behind Leanbe and how it started its journey. 

How it all Started

Back in 2021, Leanbe was a convenient and comprehensive platform for product makers intended to collect ideas in the form of feedback, analyze and prioritize them on a single platform, and share exciting announcements on time with users!

It was a fantastic start!

But later, in our conversations with some of the experts in the field, we learned where their actual needs fell short. We found that Leanbe can be an excellent daily tool for product managers and product people.

Learning about the biggest pain points and the current needs of product teams was eye-opening for the second version of Leanbe. 

We could clearly see the gap in the market for platforms that provided continuous product discovery that would entirely cover the product development lifecycle. Leanbe 1.0 could cover a good chunk of that lifecycle, but it was not enough. 

And thus, Leanbe was built with a clearer vision.

What’s Leanbe 2.0 going to bring?

From effective idea prioritization and validation based on accurate data to outcome-driven roadmap creation, Leanbe will cover all the stages. 

It will lead the way for product managers and product teams who have one goal in mind: to advance the business around better products.

Leanbe 2.0 is designed to cover the entire process and every stage of continuous product discovery.

It is a data-driven and advanced product management platform aimed at transforming the way that products are developed. Gone are the days of growing products based on gut feelings or traditional practices.

The milestones we achieved in 2022

2022 has seen many significant events!

Leanbe Team Working Process

Here’s the brief list:

  1. At the very beginning of 2022, we participated in the Seaside Startup Summit. It was an experience that shifted the vision of our product. We quickly started to work on designing that vision by focusing on the product development lifecycle.
  2. We created a prototype for Leanbe 2.0 and successfully completed our participation in the Business Angel Network of Armenia’s (BANA) incubator program. We learned how to bring the prototype to a release.
  3. We carried out interviews with many outstanding product managers and got the validation for our prototype.
  4. Then, we finished setting up the integration with Jira for Leanbe.
  5. We went live on AppSumo with special lifetime deal packages.
  6. We then headed to the major development to release Leanbe 2.0, which will completely cover the product development lifecycle. It will improve the product-market fit and vision development.
  7. Next, we participated in the ProductCon conference in New York organized by the Product School, a community of over one million product professionals.

    There we heard amazing speakers talking about all things products and discussed product-led growth!

Leanbe team with the CEO of the ‘Product School’ Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia at ProductCon 2022

From right to left Leanbe’s CEO Artavazd Barseghyan and COO Boris Atayan with the CEO of the ‘Product School’ Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia at ProductCon 2022

The conference brought together more than a thousand participants and product people and more than five thousand virtual attendees.  

And finally, in 2022, the Leanbe team has grown, and we’re almost twice the number that was a year ago. Now we have more talented and dedicated people on the team who share one goal: to make the product even more sophisticated and groundbreaking.

As of today, we’re heavily focused on developing Leanbe in a way that benefits not only your product growth but also your online business. Thus, you can build not only better products but also better businesses.

Where We’re Heading in 2023

While we’re preparing everything for our beta pre-launch, here, have a bird’s-eye view of what goals the Leanbe team has in mind for 2023!

Leanbe Journey

It will heavily focus on the following:

  • valuing customer feedback and scoring them based on accurate data collection
  • bringing a better idea validation
  • identifying and assessing user engagement 
  • advancing the roadmapping process with the most essential features like competitor analysis and tracking feature usage 
  • setting up OKRs and keeping them on track 
  • making public announcements within the platform 
  • measuring product health

…and much more!

Aside from that, there are several directions Leanbe will be taking, such as: 

  • first of all, completing our public release of Leanbe version 2.0!
  • carrying out a big redesign of the admin panel dashboard
    Our goal is to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience for the users.
  • preparing for customer interviews module
  • working on providing public API so that anyone can send a request to Leanbe and generate idea requests without entering the dashboard 
  • working on the Net Promoter Score module 
  • developing single sign-on (SSO)
  • working on user experimentation module

Stay tuned for our big beta release!

Lastly, we know how overwhelming this season can get. Thus, we hope that everyone in the product community manages to complete all the final touches and feature updates. 


Have a new year filled with productive collaborations and partnerships, exciting product updates, and memorable moments of celebration with your teams. 


Finally, we say thank you to our users and those who always supported us along this journey. We’re also giving a huge shout-out to the crew behind Leanbe, without whom the vision of Leanbe wouldn’t be a reality!


Happy holidays and see you all in 2023! 


Before you go, if there’s something you would like us to work on next, let us know!