Keep customers updated and engaged

With our eye-catchy notifications you can notify and keep your customers in the loop with every product change you make.


“By integrating Leanbe in BackupGuard, we have the chance to deliver new product updates in a more attractive way, which helps us to increase the usage of our product”

Gor Nazaryan

BDM at BackupGuard

Increase user engagement and retention by notifying about product updates.

Whenever you make any product change make your customers aware of it and increase user engagement and conversion rates.


Organize your content by categorizing your notifications

Create your own categories to sort the content based on notification type

Visualize your release notes by adding animated images and videos

With our rich text editor, you can integrate any images and videos with one click to present your content in a more attractive way.


Gain social media popularity by including social share buttons

Give your customers an option to share your content in social media networks and bring higher user acquisition rate for your business.

Collect feedback through notification

Collect notification performance data to analyze how each product update fits your market needs.
Analyze the feedback data

Let the analytics serve you based on detailed data of each customer feedback and reaction.

Reply to feedbacks in a single click

See how your users react, what they think about the changes and reply to them quickly.

Bring it live straight away

Keep your customers informed about your new decisions and updates straight away.

Create a newsfeed page with one click

All the release notes created via Leanbe are auto magically added to your public newsfeed page as a ready to go blog post article.


Highlight your branding

Make all the widgets and views branded with your own domain, color scheme, logos and banners.

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