Product roadmap

An outstanding product roadmap is the gear towards a successful product. It outlines the vision and the progress of a product over time.
The vision, the goals and the product backlog are the essential ingredients of a product roadmap but the prioritization is how you combine all of them to get the desired outcome.

Product roadmap prioritization

Product managers know better than anyone: a correct roadmap prioritization requires 3 condiments:
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Information

And all of them apply to the product and the industry. You need experience, knowledge and information about both; the product and the industry.

Overcoming these problems is not an easy task, that's why Leanbe is here to help.

Product Industry
Experience May cause biased decisions May not have experience in this industry
Knowledge Must be an expert on the product It may be a new industry, needs to learn a lot
Information The struggle of having all kind of info everywhere Lot of research must be conducted

The importance of effective prioritization

An effectively prioritized roadmap saves you time on development and budget that can be used on the needed resources. Most importantly, you create a better product, faster.

Nowadays, timing is key in any market and you can no longer afford losing time on features and functionalities in vain.

Although there are many different techniques, prioritization frameworks and strategies, in this fast paced era you need tools to help you perform the most challenging task of the product manager.

effective prioritization

How does Leanbe work?

Leanbe provides the tools you'll need to build and prioritize your product roadmap effectively. With the help of Leanbe you can:
1. Define OKRs and personas

Define your product outcomes and set the correct personas that will use your product.

2. Create a robust roadmap

Set up the roadmap to group all action items based on releases, objectives or tags.

3. Promote ideas

After validating the ideas, easily promote and send them to the roadmap.

4. Post-release validation

Leanbe helps to track objectives and the actual results, then iterate in case of something not performing well.

how does leanbe works

Leanbe knows what to build next

leanbe knows

Leanbe is here to eliminate the bias and misinformation. Create a data-driven product roadmap and you will see the results.

Here are some real-life examples of Leanbe's power taken into action:

"Using Leanbe's roadmap and product suggestion feature has been helpful for us to improve our processes and efficiencies, and reduce time spent trying to organize feedback in spreadsheets. Thank you for providing such a helpful product!"

David Kelly
General Manager
at AppSumo Originals.

"Leanbe provides an excellent way to keep our clients informed of the latest news and updates on the software applications we consult on. We absolutely love the product and how it helps us communicate with our clients more efficiently"

Paolo Coniglio
at Evolution Cloud Accounting.

"Leanbe is a practical tool that enables me to inform my users of new features. Although I had considered building a component to handle this task, Leanbe has proven to be better than anything I could have created myself!"

Henri Bouillon
Co founder and CTO
at Le Parapheur

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