Continuous product discovery

During the life of a product, many ideas arise from different sources. Leanbe provides tools that make it easier to collect these ideas from all possible sources.
Apart from that, Leanbe centralizes all these ideas so they can later be analyzed and validated.

Collect ideas from users

Leanbe provides several methods to gather ideas from users:

Customer feedback

The personalized portal of your product can be a great means for your users to initiate sharing their ideas, suggestions and feedback. Aside from gathering ideas you can also share your product roadmap and announcements through the portal.


Integrations with

In many cases users submit various suggestions and ideas right through customer support chat sessions. Leanbe has implemented Intercom integration (other chatbot integrations coming soon) to facilitate the process of collecting ideas and requests directly from the chat window.


Google chrome

For all other cases when the communication with a user happens via email or another website, Leanbe provides a Google Chrome browser extension which allows sending any text selection directly to your account with a single click.


Continuous product
discovery cycle

User interviews, experimentation and product research are key elements in the continuous product discovery cycle. Leanbe allows adding results of interviews, experiments and research to the platform in the form of ideas, so that these are later part of the validation and implementation cycle.


Collect ideas from team members

Many times ideas are proposed by teammates and co-workers. And the product manager bears the responsibility to always take into account ideas from any source, as they can be essential when building the product roadmap.

Leanbe’s integration with Slack makes it a lot easier to grab and collect product development idea messages. It can be any message on any channel or a special centralized channel for ideas.

Collect ideas through competitor monitoring

The most powerful source of ideas which is at the same time the most ignored by product managers, is the competition analysis. With Leanbe you are able to monitor:
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Content strategies
  • Hiring strategies
  • Pricing changes
  • New features or changes

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