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Recognizing which idea
is important and when

There are many factors to be taken into account. The most important questions to be answered are:

Who is the author and other contributors of the idea and how important are they for your product?

What does it take to implement the idea?

Once implemented, how is it going to affect your most important features and functionalities?

How is it going to get you ahead of your competitors?


HubSpot integration

Jan 11, 2023

Hope to see “HubSpot” integration on latest version. this option will help to add ideas and insights directly from users


Google analytics integration

Dec 5, 2022

I wanted to ask whether you could provide integration with “Google analytics” option to Leanbe. This feature would allow users to quickly add metrics from analytics to Leanbe

Leanbe knows what to build next

data analysis

Leanbe is the only product management platform that doesn't use a pre-defined prioritization framework to validate and prioritize ideas. All users and ideas in Leanbe get to have a score. The base of these scores is not experience or hunches. The only thing that drives the scores in Leanbe is DATA, and factors driving the data are called "modifiers''.

Important modifiers for
calculating idea score

User who submitted the idea and users that submitted similar ideas

Users that upvoted, commented or reacted to the idea

The association of this idea with your most important features

The value of the idea compared to what the competitors have

data analysis
data analysis

The persona compatibility: how much the user matches with your ideal customer profile? The features the user makes use of

Revenue impact: how much does the user pay for your services?

Customer lifetime value: how long has the user been with you?

Accuracy: how accurate they have been with predicting what the product needs?

Activity and contributions: how active is the user in your community? An activity can be anything like new ideas, upvotes, suggestions, etc.

Input data

Now let’s see how we get all the data needed to calculate all those modifiers and scores.
Let's break it down by the types of data:


There are many ways for collecting ideas, you can read more about that here.

User contributions:
User contributions

These are obtained whenever you make use of our standalone portal feature.

User profile and activity*:
User profile and activity*

This data shall be provided from your end and can be automated by just using the embed code we provide.

Customer information*
Customer information*

This data shall be provided from your end and can be automated by just using the embed code we provide.

* Since this information is optional, in case of not being provided, some of the modifiers will be disabled, therefore the score will not be as accurate as it could.

Custom score modifiers

If you already have some research going on or you have some marketing data or other numbers you'd like to be taken into account during idea validation and prioritization, you can do that.

Leanbe allows you to create custom modifiers and add them to the score calculation formula.

Some good examples of custom modifiers are: risks, effort, budget, etc.

create modifier

Importance of modifiers

What if your experience tells you that you don't have to take into account some of those modifiers? What if some of them are not important to you?

You can set the importance of each modifier and update the score accordingly. That gives more control to the product manager, allowing to fully customize the score calculation process.

At the end of the day, Leanbe just provides the means to make a correct product decision, it is not by any means a substitute of the product manager.

idea modifier importance

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