Data driven product development based on customers feedback

Collect ideas from your customers and allow them to vote on their favorite ideas.

Capture and validate key product ideas, allow users to submit their own directly from your roadmap.

Up voting

Enable idea voting and give a weight for each upvote according to your users' data.

Public ideas board

Create and share your public development board, allowing users to submit and vote on their favorite ones.

All feature requests in one organized place

Collect all product inquiries from various channels and centralize in a single platform

Reach out to everyone with the same request and discuss the details

Close the feedback loop with automated notification updates


Listen to the voice of the customer (VoC)

Let your users contribute to product development with their own ideas

Smart upvoting system to prioritize each feature request

Don’t mess your roadmap with the same ideas, group similar features into a single task


Product roadmap with release notes

Create your branded product roadmap to attract more users

Keep your customers updated on what is released, planned and in progress

Embed public road map and release notes on any website



“By integrating Leanbe in BackupGuard, we have the chance to deliver new product updates in a more attractive way, which helps us to increase the usage of our product”

Gor Nazaryan

BDM at BackupGuard

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